The different types of tourist visas for Oman

There are 3 main types of tourist visas for Oman, the differences between them are outlined below, so that you can make the right choice before you apply.

Each e-Visa issued must be used within one month. The "validity period" of the e-Visa only starts from the time of passing the Omani immigration. Please note that these maximum periods of stay must be respected or you risk paying a fineof 10 OMR per day of delay and permanent exclusion from the country.


Single entry for up to 10 days

<Ce e-Visa, le plus populaire, a été proposé à l’été 2018 par le Sultanat d’Oman, et permet de rester de quelques heures à 10 jours dans le pays. Vous ne pouvez passer l’immigration qu’une seule fois durant cette période.

Oman no longer offers this visa for exempted nationalities such as France or Belgium. Since December 2020, their nationals can travel directly to Oman and obtain a visa exemption of up to 14 days on arrival.


Single entry for up to 30 days

Some travellers wish to stay longer in Oman to discover its sublime secrets, including the desert, its oases, and lively cities. It differs from the e-Visa 26A only in that it is valid for up to 30 days in the country.


Multiple entries for 1 year

This rarer e-Visa allows for as many stays of up to 30 days as the traveller wishes, over a year from the date of issue.

e-Visas 26A and 26B can be extended once (OMR 20) at the ROP Visa Information Desk (7:30am-2pm Sun-Thurs) at Muscat International Airport.