Oman: Covid-19 travel restrictions

Informations à jour en date du 25/09/2023
International travel to Oman is permitted. There are currently no requirements in place, such as quarantine or health testing. Transmission of COVID-19 is unknown in Oman. The level of transmission is based on global health and disease data from John Hopkins University, updated to September 2023.

This means that... :
  • This country does not require amedical examination on arrival.
  • No PCR test is required by this country (but may be required by the airline).
  • No health pass required by this country
  • This country does not require Covid-19 vaccination for incoming travellers
  • No quarantine required on arrival in this country
  • No health form required to travel to this country

Oman: is the country living normally with Covid-19?

  • In addition to safety guidelines, preventive health measures such as frequent hand-washing and social distancing are encouraged to combat new epidemics. We recommend that you keep abreast of official guidelines throughout your trip.
  • Face masks are recommended, but should not replace other safety measures such as social distancing.
  • Public transport operates as usual.
  • The restaurants are open as usual.
  • The bars are open as usual.
  • The nightclubs are open as usual.
  • Stores and services are opened with appropriate safety measures, such as the use of hand sanitizers and social distancing.